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From 2020 on, the Trans-Adria-Pipeline (TAP) will deliver natural gas from the Caspian Sea via the north of Greece, Albania and the south of Italy. Up to 20 percent of the European gas consumption will be provided via the TAP line. For this project we roll approximately 90,000 tons of heavy plates. 36,000 tons of the material to produce tubes have already been delivered in 2015.


We delivered about 205,000 tons of heavy plates as pre-material for tubes to be deployed in the Ichthys offshore project. This pipeline transports liquid natural gas from the Ichthys gas field off the Northwest Australian coast to the mainland.

German Baltic Sea

However, we can also do differently. For example in the offshore wind power project Baltic 2, some 32 km off the coast of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. In this project, our plates are not used to make pipelines. Here they are used in the basement structures of the 80 wind turbines of the project.