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Services of the Test Centre

Materials Testing / Test Operations

The Test Centre meets all the relevant the requirements including, for instance, tensile tests up to 2000 kN nominal load, notched bar impact tests according to all the appropriate standards (incl. ASME approval), hardness tests using all the standard methods (HB, HV, HRC, HRB) and pressure tests.

In addition, both conventional technological tests (on rings and bars) and special tests e.g. CTOD (fracture mechanics) or BDWT (Battelle drop weight tear) are carried out, as well as chemical analyses and metallographic inspection (macro- and microscopic tests, digital image analysis). Corrosion tests are handled in close cooperation with the Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung in Duisburg.

The appropriate standards and codes and, where applicable, customer specifications are applied when implementing the tests and verifying the results.

The entire process, from specimen manufacture right through to the test results, is embedded in a certified and accredited quality management system.   

We will be happy to send you detailed information about our services on request.

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